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Surprised by a Sunset

Monica E. Walton


   As evening began to settle over the land, God painted a brilliant sunset on my little spot on the map, filling the air with luscious shades of purple!

Who could anticipate a purple sunset?!?

But, there it was. His gift of love and beauty.

   Fill the world with love, it says to me. See the marvelous things that God can do! Look and believe! Take the moments to accept and receive His glory! He is here!

   Even in the darkness, even in the anger, even in the fear. He is here. His hand paints the colors of the sky so that we may see His goodness breaking through. He paints the world with love and reaches down to us with such beauty. New colors bursting through the storm and spreading across the sky. “Sleep well,” He says. “I am here with You!”

   It is a reminder that whatever man brings, whatever clouds our minds and thoughts, be clear in this. It’s like He is saying to us, “I am here with you. I am the way, the truth, the life. I bring all things good and beautiful. Here is a glimpse of me.” I believe He is here to paint the world with His love and light, to help us pause and appreciate what only He can do. There is power in the pause ~ one of my favorite reminders. When life wants to overwhelm me, and I’m worried and afraid, I pause to  remind myself that He is here.

      Sometimes He shows me His love with a quiet, tiny flower on the walkway.       
                   Sometimes with a soft, gentle rainbow right in front of me.

                      And sometimes with a loud, perfectly purple sunset!

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Magnificent purple sunset on the Reservoir in Brandon, Mississippi
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A little about me...

A little about me...
I was born into the big, beautiful Pousson Family, and was raised in SW Louisiana.
Mama and Daddy spoke Cajun French as their first language.
They shared their love of God, family, food, and fun with us six children.

I graduated from the LSU School of Journalism,
and over the years have worked in print, broadcast, and digital media.
Although my beloved Louisiana will always be "home",
I have lived in Mississippi for over 30 years.
When we meet, be ready for me to tell you about my four amazing children
and my precious grandchildren, and my passion for volunteering with local charities !!!

My favorite times in life are when I'm gathered with friends and family. I love to read, write, edit, do graphic design, dance to good music, attend live theatre, art, and concerts events, take long walks in the sunshine, sip coffee and wine by the water, travel to new places, eat in local restaurants, and pray in beautiful churches.

Author Monica Walton
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