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More than Enough....

I've been reflecting and conversing quite a lot on this topic. I hope you have been, too!

It seems to be popping up everywhere. People have had enough with so many things currently happening in our world -- violence, hatred, dishonesty, greed -- all works of the devil. Since my previous post "The Measure of Enough" more than one friend has said to me that they agree it is time for all Christians to stand up and say:



Jesus said it. Jesus lived it. Jesus taught us to say it and live it. Why don't we?

We are still in Easter Time, a perfect time to proclaim the Good News of the Resurrection!

Jesus Christ is Risen! He lives! Alleluia!

Every time we say it, share it, and live it, we are saying ENOUGH to the evil one!


The Church is pouring forth the beautiful experiences of encountering God in the Liturgy to guide us in our mission to continue the good work of the Lord. This week we celebrated the Annunciation, when the Blessed Virgin Mary had an encounter with an angel who told her of the miracle birth to come. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ would be born in her if only she would say, "Yes." Mary had one question. She asked the angel,

"How can this be, since I have no relations with a man?" (Luke 1:34)

The angel replied,

The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. Therefore the child to be born will be called holy, the Son of God." (Luke 1:35)

The angel also told Mary that God had made it possible for her relative, Elizabeth, who was aged and barren, to conceive a son. That was enough for Mary to say Yes, if this is God's will, I will do whatever He asks of me.

If that were me? I would very likely have had several follow-up questions sounding something like, "I'm not saying no.........but I have some more questions, Angel. I'm happy and honored to do God's will, but I need some more information. First of all, are you sure you've come to the right girl? What will I tell my parents and neighbors? What if no one believes me? What if Joseph divorces me?" I wonder if the angel would have retracted the offer.

When God calls us to something, we need only say, YES! His call should be enough, right? He will provide what we need to complete our mission.


For Mary Magdala, it was enough for her to hear Jesus call her name. She was alone at the tomb where they had buried Jesus, weeping because it was empty. The disciples had left. Everyone was gone. They didn't understand that He had risen from the dead. She was alone and afraid until she heard a voice.

Jesus said to her, “Woman, why are you weeping? Whom are you looking for?” She thought it was the gardener and said to him, “Sir, if you carried him away, tell me where you laid him, and I will take him.”
Jesus said to her, “Mary!” She turned and said to him in Hebrew, “Rabbouni,”* which means Teacher.

She heard Him say her name and that was enough for her to believe and go out to proclaim the Good News. When we are distressed, we need only quiet ourselves, turn to the Lord, and listen for Him to call our name. Seeking Him in our moments of need should be enough, right? God will provide what we need to see us through. Sometimes it's peace from within, and sometimes it's through others who He sends on their mission to help us.


The disciples needed more.

For Peter, taking the women's word that Jesus had risen wasn't enough. He needed to go see for himself. Would we want to see it firsthand?

For Thomas, taking the other disciples' word that Jesus had risen wasn't enough. He needed to see and touch the Lord for himself. Would we want to touch His wounds ourselves?

Jesus appearing to the apostles once after His Resurrection wasn't enough. He appeared to them on several occasions before His Ascension, but they didn't recognize Him. I wonder why once or twice wasn't enough? Perhaps Jesus made Himself unrecognizable to teach them to look for Him in unexpected places and in all circumstances. Do we recognize Him on the road when we are in mourning? Do we recognize Him in the boat when you are fishing, doing our regular work? Do we recognize Him when we are at home sharing food and conversation with family and friends?

Is it enough that Jesus said He would be with us always?

Is that not more than enough? It's like C.S. Lewis wrote in his book Mere Christianity, “Jesus Christ was either a liar, a lunatic, or He was who He said He was.”

Year after Year, we read the accounts of Jesus' Life, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension. We hear and read the Good News over and over again.

Is that enough to say to the world ENOUGH!?

God gave Mary enough to be the Mother of Jesus.

God gave Joseph enough to walk beside Mary and be a father to Jesus.

God gave the Apostles enough to take His message to the world.

God gave you and me enough to be a witness in our lifetime and do the things He has called us to do. So, why do we feel that we do not have enough of what it takes to stand up and say ENOUGH?!

We hear in the Gospel Reading today (John 6:1-15) that Jesus takes what little we have to offer and multiplies it for the good of all. Jesus is training His disciples on how this works. It's the familiar story of the young boy with five loaves and two fish which Jesus blesses and it is more than enough to feed everyone. He first asked Phillip how they could feed them all. The simple answer is, on their own, the disciples couldn't. With God, all things are possible. No problem is too big. We need only ask and trust. We offer the dilemma to the Lord asking His blessing as we open our hearts and give generously from what we have. It will be more than enough.


When John D. Rockefeller was once asked, "How much money is enough money?"

He is said to have replied, "Just a little bit more."

In other words, we will never be satisfied or satiated. We think it will never be enough!


So be engaged and offer what you have to share, like you believe God has given you more than enough. Don't delay. If we wait for the optimal circumstances, it may never happen. We can start today by sharing kindness. If you see someone who is sad, hurting, or struggling -- go to them. It's really not difficult. Even if you can do nothing more than stand next to them and let them know they are not alone. That is valuable.

Smile. Apologize. Call. Visit. Share. Forgive. Love.


I think our mission as Christians living in the current world

is to prayerfully move into a position where we aren't settling for anything less than what God wants for all of His creation. He put us human beings in charge of caring for all living things.

Let us live the truth out loud for all to hear:

Our world has more than enough of what we need to feed everyone, clothe everyone, and shelter everyone. We just need to care and share. Us, not someone else. It's our responsibility to look out for each other. We shouldn't wait for others to do it, and we shouldn't expect everyone to fend for themselves.

Let us speak the truth out loud for all to hear:

Our world has had more than enough negativity smeared around and smashed in our faces. We need to respond with love and kindness. We need to take a stand and say no to bitterness, bullying, and all forms of violence in our families, in our schools, in our neighborhoods, in retail stores, in government, on social media. Let us refrain from repeating the cycle and lashing out in response. Let us no longer look away and hide away as if we accept what is happening. We have choices in how we love, how we learn, where we live and shop, who we support and vote for, and how we communicate and bridge the gaps that divide and separate us.

God has given us more than enough!

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Apr 19
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you for this reminder! It is time!

Monica Walton
Monica Walton
Apr 24
Replying to

Amen! Now is the time!


Apr 12
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

If I heard Jesus' voice, it would be enough! I have thought about standing up more for Christian values and teachings. I do not accept the gender craze that is poisonous to our teens. I will speak up!!

Monica Walton
Monica Walton
Apr 24
Replying to

Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.


Apr 12

Excellent perspective! Yes, let us live as Christians and stand up to Satan. Thank you, Monica!

Monica Walton
Monica Walton
Apr 24
Replying to

Thank you!

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