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I am very excited to announce my new book for Lent 2025! 

This book will help prepare our hearts and minds to lean into Lent with our whole selves. We aren’t reinventing the rich customs or veering off course from historical practices. Lean into Lent will guide you through a new way to experience old traditions and grow closer to the Lord.


Generous Discounts will be offered for church and group bulk purchases. Stay tuned for more details!

Advent Reflections for This Day
A unique, weekly devotional that places the Gospel message in a relatable, contemporary setting.

Advent Reflections for This Day has a weekly focus to nurture our faith during the four weeks of Advent without feeling overwhelmed by it. This book contains the weekly Sunday Gospel passages for Liturgical Year B, each with an accompanying Modern Day Parable written in the context of contemporary experiences. Guided prayer and reflection questions are included to provide specific focus, spiritual nourishment, and inspiration to carry throughout the week making this a great opportunity for individuals, Small Group gatherings, and parish-wide study. (Check with your pastor about placing a bulk order.)

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