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Would I recognize Jesus?

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

As I have pondered the Gospel passages in this Octave of Easter, I began to wonder -- would I recognize Jesus if He appeared in my midst? It's interesting to compare the experiences of the risen Jesus that have been told.

On Monday, Matthew's Gospel states that the two Marys went to the tomb to mourn and saw that He had indeed risen from the dead! As they ran to tell the Disciples, they met Jesus on the way and recognized Him immediately.

On Tuesday, John's Gospel says Mary Magdelene was there alone, mourning and weeping. She encountered a man who she believed was a real person, but didn't recognize He was Jesus until she called her by name. (We could chat for days about this beautiful piece, but I'll try to stay focused.)

On Wednesday, Luke recounts the scene of the two disciples encountering Jesus on the road to Emmaus. They don't recognize Him at all as they walked along. But, they were hospitable to this "stranger" and He repaid their hospitality by sharing a Eucharistic meal. They realized it was Him only when Jesus left them.

In today's beautiful passage from Luke, the disciples recognize Jesus when He appears in their midst, but they think He is only a ghost.

So, as I put myself into those stories I began to wonder why some recognized Him and others didn't? What was the difference? They all knew Jesus intimately in mutual, loving relationship. What makes some recognize and believe immediately and others not?

Here's the crux that I will carry in my heart for a while -- Would I recognize Jesus?

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