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When I Stumble & Fall

God is watching us as we go

He wants us to know

Love is the reason we live.

It's all that He gives

It's how we know that He lives

Even so, we will stumble and fall.

As a child learning to walk,

I stumbled and fell

until I learned to move along steadily and become more sure of myself.

Along the way, my Daddy held my hand

showing me love and patience even when I was unsteady and not moving forward.

As a student in school, I stumbled and failed until I became wise, sought the help I needed, and developed the skills to pass.

Along the way, Teachers taught me good habits and had the patience to work with me to make sure the material I learned would last.

As a young adult exploring romance,

I stumbled and fell in and out of love

until I met the one.

Along the way, my family grew and all came to know the love of God. Each one knew they belonged.

As an immature Christian following Jesus, I stumbled and fell.

I thought I had failed for good until I found mercy and began to see more like Him.

Along the way, I confess and repent and am shown the path to redemption.

My heavenly Father holds me close and daily fills my cup to the brim.

As I look at the Cross, I think of how

Jesus stumbled and fell

until they nailed Him there.

Along the way, His Mother walked in fear, Veronica wiped His tears, and He was beaten and abused. Simon was given a share of the weight to bear. Though Our Lord fell, He never failed. He always did His Father's will.

When we stumble and fall, it's how we grow and prepare to handle the bigger falls that lie ahead on our journey -- like being passed over for promotion, the end of a relationship, following false prophets and dishonest leaders, a confirmed diagnosis, the death of a loved one. We can feel confident in our steps moving forward with great energy, and then suddenly and unexpectedly, we stumble and fall. Our Heavenly Father holds our hand and shows us love and patience while we steady our pace.

We stumble and fall again and again. It's how we know that we are alive. It's how we discover our purpose and God's will. Jesus came to show us the way. He didn't spare Himself. He accepted the consequences of other's sinful actions.

What was done to Him was unfair, unkind, and unbelievably painful. Why do we expect to be spared from bad things? He didn't spare Himself. Instead, He set an example of enduring with grace and following God's will to the end. Jesus stumbled and fell to teach us how to get back up again.


You will stumble and fall. When you do, I hope you get back up, too.

I hope you find others to hold your hand and show you love and patience.

I hope you find a family where you know you truly belong.

I hope you find wise mentors who are patient and kind.

I hope you seek reconciliation, find mercy, and accept redemption.

I hope someone walks with you during times of fear,

wipes your face when it's covered with tears,

and helps you carry the heavy burdens you bear.

God is watching us as we go

He wants us to know

Love is the reason we live.

It's all that He gives

It's how we know that He lives

Even so, we will stumble and fall.

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Mar 15
Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Very thoughtful and helpful reflection ….. The importance of getting back up !!


Mar 03
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Still stumbling and falling. I guess we will continue till ...


Mar 01
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

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