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What will it cost?

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

I was hurried and rushed and behind schedule....again. How did my life get so busy that I don't remember what free time looks like?

Some days I wished for nothing to do, for silence, for the luxury of being alone and bored.

Then, I think of my sweet friend who is aged and showing signs of dementia.* She sits all alone, day after day, counting the minutes, hoping someone will stop by.

The walls look the same. The furniture looks the same. Nothing changes.

She knows everyone is busy. She was busy, too when she was much younger. She tries not to be sad about being lonely.

What will it cost if I take time

out of my busy day to visit a friend who is sick, elderly, or lonely....

I will have to postpone something on my to-do list. I may have to reschedule shopping. I may have to miss the next episode of my binge-worthy series. It will be inconvenient, and might feel like a burden on me. But, I keep thinking of her, I keep praying for her, and I keep planning to go see her or call her one day. But, one day turns into one week, then one month, then after the holidays, then....then.....then.....

What will it cost?

If I don't visit my friend, she will understand. It won't cost her anything to spend another day the same as yesterday. She knows she is not truly alone. She begins and ends each day in prayer with her true love, the Lord. She peruses old photo albums and replays wonderful memories in her thoughts. Her primary needs are met. She has food, shelter, and safety. But, she can no longer attend to the things on her to-do list. She can no longer head to the store whenever she wants. Having to get help for self-care is inconvenient and can be embarrassing sometimes.

There is a deeper hunger, a deeper need. She would love a break in the mundane routine. She would love to hear of exciting things happening outside the home. She would love to go out to dinner, to take a ride in the country, to stroll in the park. It would bless us both.

She keeps thinking of the ones she loves, hoping they will visit. She wants to look into the eyes of those she misses. She longs to feel hugs of deep connection. She wishes to fill the room with familiar voices and reminisce with the ones who helped make the memories. She needs someone to pray with her, not just for her.

But, one day turns into one week, then one month, then past the next holiday, and nothing new....nothing different.....nothing changes.....


What will it cost?

Jesus showed us how to take our little bit and offer it to Him, asking Him to bless it, so that He can multiply it like the meager loaves and fishes which fed the multitude. He turns our small gestures into big blessings. When we give a little bit of time to focus on another who needs something, God multiplies it. Maybe it's just a smile, eye contact, a hug, and a five minute conversation asking the meaningful questions, so they know we care. It costs us meager minutes, but it can lift their spirits for a multitude of hours.

If I put it off yet again, it could be too late.

Then, it will cost regret and disappointment

that I didn't take time out of my busy day

to visit a friend who was sick, elderly, or lonely....

*Please note: This story is not about one person in particular. This story holds pieces of people I have known and loved over my lifetime, and bits of experiences I have felt, witnessed or heard about.

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23 abr 2023
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Yes, it will cost. My sister with dementia may look forward to my visits. She doesn't know me anymore but maybe one day there will be a faint glimmer and she will say my name.

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Monica Walton
Monica Walton
27 abr 2023
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Amen! Your love for her hasn't diminished, so why would you not extend that love to her?! I believe her heart knows it is you, even if her brain doesn't always make that connection. At the very least, she knows she is loved by this beautiful person who visits her. That is a wonderful gift. God bless you both! I will offer prayers for you.

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22 abr 2023

Thank you for sharing this.

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