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What We Hold in Our Quiver

We all carry a quiver of tools to get through each day.

Some people seem to glide through life, always managing to show up with a smile and a calmness that is enviable. The arrows in their quiver have lovely, soft, heart-shaped tips to spread kindness, and they take time to engage with others.

Some people charge through the day attacking lists of tasks to get through life, and they often wind up chopping the people who get in their way. The arrows in their quiver have jagged, hard, sharp tips to break through and get things done as quickly as possible.

We all carry a quiver of tools to get through each day.

As I prayed through the Daily Readings this week, I noticed a predominant theme of seeking and giving LOVE and COMPASSION and ACCEPTANCE. I started thinking about what some of the people in Scripture must have carried in their quiver.

The Canaanite Woman was equipped with great faith and persistence. (Mt 15:21-28 on Sunday)
The Young Man wanted to pack in a precise set of rules and his treasured possessions. (Mt 19:16-22 on Monday)
The disciples wished for assurance and a place of honor. (Mt 19:23-30 on Tuesday)
The laborers desired greater reward for working harder than the others. (Mt 20:1-16 on Wednesday)
Nathaniel wanted a Savior who fit the image he wanted. (Jn 1:45-51 on Thursday)
The Pharisees sought to possess the Greatest Commandment of all. (Mt 22:34-40 on Friday)
The Scribes and Pharisees wanted public recognition for their holiness. (Mt 23:1-12 on Saturday)

As I reflected on these passages and what I hold in my quiver, I pictured myself getting ready to head out the door on any given day. I always take a quick inventory -- keys, phone, coffee in hand, one last check in the mirror -- then I imagined strapping on a quiver filled with the things I take with me into the world. What would be in it?

What would a disciple of Jesus need to carry in his/her quiver?

God has equipped us with gifts and fruits of the Spirit to help us bring our best to the day. We need only reach in and retrieve what is needed.

When I encounter needs ~ I can retrieve the grace of charity.

When I encounter sadness ~ I can retrieve the grace of joy.

When I encounter conflict ~ I can retrieve the grace of peace.

When I encounter frustration ~ I can retrieve the grace of patience.

When I encounter indifference ~ I can retrieve the grace of kindness.

When I encounter mistreatment ~ I can retrieve the grace of goodness.

When I encounter disparity ~ I can retrieve the grace of generosity.

When I encounter force ~ I can retrieve the grace of gentleness.

When I encounter evil ~ I can retrieve the grace of faithfulness.

When I encounter exploitation ~ I can retrieve the grace of modesty.

When I encounter anger ~ I can retrieve the grace of self-control.

When I encounter temptation ~ I can retrieve the grace of self-restraint.

We call on the Holy Spirit to fill our quiver with wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord that we may bring to the world the best of ourselves as sons/daughters of God.

As we celebrate the 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time this weekend, we hear Jesus invite us to ponder his question to the disciples/us :

"Who do you say that I am?" (Mt 16:13-20)

I think what we carry says a lot about who we are, and who we say He is.

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Aug 27, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This is a lovely reflection … like putting on the Armour of God for each day ! I wish I could be poised enough to remember that as I make my way through each new day !

Monica Walton
Monica Walton
Aug 27, 2023
Replying to

Thank you. Yes, the Armour of God. It is a learned pattern of being, and takes a daily re-commitment. I'm adding the quiver supply list to my daily morning prayer. Otherwise, I'd easily forget it amidst the list of things to do! Your desire to be in that sacred space will help you remember, too!

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