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Saying AND Doing

The two sons in last Sunday's Gospel had wavering faith in their Father. It seems they questioned whether or not he had their best interest at heart. At different points, each decided that their own plan was better than his.

🔹 The First Son initially put his agenda over his Father's but later repented, trusted, and followed his Father's will.

🔸 The Second Son eagerly put his Father first, but later chose his own way instead of following his Father's will.

It's worth asking ourselves, How do I respond to God the Father's call?

I've been in responded in both ways. Neither path is easy to own or grow out of.

🔹 Like the First Son, I have sometimes rushed into big decisions without seeking God's guidance. I didn't take the time to prayerfully discern if it was what God wanted me to do. 🔸 Like the Second Son, I have prayed intently, entrusting a special need to God, but when the outcome wasn't what I had hoped, I followed my plan instead of His.


Although I want to be the perfect mix of both sons ~

saying Yes to God the Father AND doing His will

~ I do not always act like that person.


Thankfully, there have been a few occasions when I opened my heart to the Holy Spirit, listened to God's plan for me, and walked the path with Jesus.

🔹 SAYING AND DOING in actions🔸

some BIG YES examples:

~ becoming a Mama

~ volunteering for Birthright

~ serving in ministries

other smaller yes examples:

~ pausing to pray & ponder

~ phoning a friend

~ speaking to a stranger

🔹 SAYING AND DOING in praying🔸

It can be very fruitful to carefully consider what we are saying we will do when we pray in the name of the Lord. I love to take time to slowly and carefully read the words of some of the prayers we routinely recite. Every time we pray ending with "Amen", we are saying "So be it". Let's ponder one prayer that we can easily rattle off from memory.

The Lord's Prayer

Our Father ~ I truly believe You are my Father

Thy Will be done on earth as in Heaven ~ I agree to live in a Heavenly manner now

Give us this day our daily bread ~ I trust you are providing to my needs this day, without worry of tomorrow or the future.

Forgive us as we forgive them ~ I ask You to treat me the same way I treat others

Help us not stray and deliver us from evil ~ I trust that You are my guide and protector

For Thine is the Kingdom, Power, Glory ~ I honor You above all other influences in my life

Amen ~ So be it. I agree to all that I have said in Your name!

We say it.......are we doing it?

When we aren't walking in the way of God's call,

life will always be better when we change our minds and believe Him,

just as Jesus said. (Matthew 21:32)

Last year, I was blessed to answer another BIG YES, and I am walking a new path on my life journey. I had been happily working for the Church for more than a decade -- it was a good job doing good things for the Lord and His flock -- but, I found myself becoming unsettled. For many months, I prayed for wisdom and clarity.

Lord, please show me the way.

What do you want me to do with my life?

Help me follow Your will!

It was an amazing moment when I awoke one morning with a brand new idea. It was so far from anything I had considered, but on holding it I immediately felt peace and joy. I knew it had to be from Him. The Lord showed me that it was time to give my full attention to writing. As I discerned the practicalities of such a plan I wondered if I would HAVE THE COURAGE TO DO IT? The nudge continued to be so strong over the next week, so I took a giant leap of faith and handed in my resignation. I felt so much peace even though I had no idea what would come next. I didn't have the full picture of His plan and I was unsure of the next step. But I trusted that God would show me the way -- HIS WAY!!!

All my life I have said that I trust the Lord to provide for me.

Now, for perhaps the first time, I am LIVING that statement.

THE RESULTS: I created my first blog and my first book Advent Reflections for this Day has been published! I am excited to share this work with all of you. If my writings in this blog resonate and touch your heart, I think you will like this book and find it a helpful companion for Advent. It is a devotional that will help keep our hearts and minds focused on the true purpose of the celebration of Christmas during this hectic time of year. Details are on the publisher's website Sunrise Press, a subsidiary of Dogwood Press.


I said I would give my full attention to writing and I am doing just that.


Today is the first day of the 16th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops. Another step in the full process of the Synod on Synodality that began in 2021. Pope Francis presided over the Holy Mass today to open the synod. He said the focus is to bring Jesus to the world and approach today's challenges with a God-centered perspective.

I feel like Christianity has always said this. How many Christians do it?

How many of us are like the First Son and say NO without praying and listening to other perspectives on the many issues that are bringing division to our world? How many of us are like the Second Son and say YES all are welcome, but we don't follow through with opening ourselves and creating a space for the other perspectives?

Let us pray for those gathered for the synodal process that they may follow God the Father, saying AND doing His will. If you're interested, learn more about the Synod here and follow the process on Facebook here.

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Oct 05, 2023
Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Have you ever considered that when your prayer wasn’t answered in the way you hope so you went ahead and did it your own way that was God’s plan all long.

Monica Walton
Monica Walton
Oct 09, 2023
Replying to

I believe that when I act on my own accord, contrary to what was revealed to me in prayer, then I am NOT doing God's will. However, God stays with us, guiding, blessing, and forgiving us even when we are not following His plan. If we ask, listen, and trust the Holy Spirit, we will have peace with following His way.


Oct 04, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Very nice reflection and a great down-to-earth practical application ! Certainly valuable for people to place themselves in the heart of the parable !!

Monica Walton
Monica Walton
Oct 09, 2023
Replying to

Thank you! So glad you find the parable relatable to contemporary life. I find it fruitful to imagine myself in a different role each time I reflect on it. Really makes me think about how I would react in their shoes.

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